Be Careful What You Post While You Away

Facebook is used by users in the holiday seasons to share locations, moments and memories. It’s an awesome way to connect with friends and family to see what everyone is doing with their lives and where they are. This can be viewed by users adding photos of their getaways and “checking in” at their holiday destinations. This might seem like a fun exercise, but it actually puts you, your family and even household at risk.

Following Likemoney’s previous article “Likemoney’s Tips For Keeping You Safe This Easter Weekend“. Point 5 stated, “Don’t post photos and locations of where you are staying because robbers can use this information to rob your house while you are away”.

A family of 3 living in Emmarentia travelled down to the south coast for the Easter weekend and returned on Monday evening to find their house completely ransacked. They told no one about their vacation, and the family doesn’t have any domestic workers that could have known about their whereabouts. It did come to a suspicion to them that this was the second time they had ever been robbed, both times were while they were away.

While they were away, they did although “check in” to their hotel on Facebook as they did the previous time they got robbed. Likemoney believes this is where the mishap started. Posting this information while your house is left unattended is risky. Not everyone on your Facebook friends list is actually a “friend”. Prospect criminals surf the Facebook network for this exact type of thing.

While you are away, it is always safer that the internet doesn’t know about your business. Not even for the sake of your unattended house, but people can stalk your whereabouts on holiday when you are most vulnerable. Rather don’t “check in” if your house is unattended and only post your pictures when you are back. If you do want to post pictures, make sure your Facebook profile is on private and make sure who you are “friends” with. A good idea would also be to take out household insurance.

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