faqWhat is Likemoney?

Likemoney a free to use, trusted, and unbiased financial network that helps you find the best financial products rated & reviewed by your friends and other South African users. Likemoney sources SA’s most favored financial products by doing a social media comparison on the most liked products on the market rated by you the consumer, People with first hand experience.

What makes Likemoney different from other comparative websites?

Unlike most other comparison platforms, we compare virtually every financial product out there. Furthermore all our products have been unbiasedly rated and reviewed by the South African public.



Likemoney is asking me to login with Facebook. Why?

Because LikeMoney is social media-driven, logging in with Facebook will allow you to not only see which products are liked by other users, but see exactly which products are liked by YOUR Facebook friends! You can sign in anonymously, but then you will be missing out on the awesome key features of the website.


Will Likemoney share my information?

LikeMoney is 100% secure and will not share your information with anyone.


How do I ‘like’ a product?

Easy! Once you have found a product you like, click on the ‘like’ button to the right of the product, and then confirm your like by clicking the ‘like’ tab again.


How do I write a review about a financial product?

At the bottom of every financial product’s page is a comment section, you can leave your reviews there to help inform others about your views and opinion.



How many products can I like at a time?

The more, the merrier! Simply browse through our wide range of financial products and ‘like’ any products which you consider to be worthwhile. By doing so, you will be helping other users out!


I’m interested in applying or finding out more about a product. What do I do?

After clicking the ‘find out more’ button underneath the product you are interested in, you can then click ‘apply now’ which will prompt you to fill out a simple no-obligation form that will redirect you to the company’s website.


Is the information provided by Likemoney accurate?

Yes. We make a point of it to provide you with the latest prices, info and comparisons.

Do I need to belong to any of the products on Likemoney to like it?

No. You may like any financial product or service. Especially if you have first hand experience with a specific product. After all, the consumer is the expert.

Does it cost to join Likemoney?

Absolutely not! Likemoney is a service which is completely free to consumers.




We hope we have answered all your questions! For any other queries, please e-mail [email protected]