How To Save Money On Your Car

If you own a vehicle, the chances are that your budget has been deeply affected by the recent hikes in the petrol price in South Africa. Spending money on fuel means that you have less money to spend on other things which can affect your lifestyle. In these economically difficult times, Likemoney has put together five tips and hints on how to save money on your car as well as how to find cheap car insurance.

Pump up your tyres properly

If you drive around with low tyre pressure, you place undue stress on your vehicle, and it has to use more fuel to function. It is surprising but true. You should check your tyre pressure twice a month and pump them up to their correct pressure. This will make your vehicle run more efficiently, and you will find yourself spending less money on petrol.

Take the first parking you find

Not only will this conserve your petrol, but it may also keep you healthier by forcing you to walk a little further. Don’t drive around in circles trying to find the closest parking to the shopping centre entrance, park in the first spot you see.

Use your aircon sparingly & drive at a consistent speed

You might not know this, but your aircon can use up to 20% more of your fuel. In our warmer climate, it is tempting to use the aircon every day, even when you do not really need to. Sometimes it can be better to simply open the window and let the fresh air flow in, as it will save you a lot of money in the long run. You also shouldn’t accelerate and then brake sharply. This is a sure way to use up your petrol supply fast as well as wear out your brakes which are expensive. Keeping your vehicle travelling at a consistent speed will ensure you use less petrol and it’s also kinder to your engine.

Check your motor warranty

When times are tough, the last thing you need is a hefty unexpected bill. This can happen if your car is out of a motor plan and you suddenly need a new park. Getting a motor warranty is quick and easy. Along with cheap car insurance, it is a smart choice to get a motor warranty.

Get cheap car insurance

With so many different car insurance providers, it is hard to know which car insurance company to go for. Likemoney makes this exercise easy by letting you compare car insurance quotes by filling in your details online. CLICK HERE to get a car insurance quote.

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