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Thinking Buying A House? Not So Fast Says SA Banks

According to the SARB Quarterly Bulletin this month (June 2016) , the value of new...

Don't Make This Mistake When Buying Your Next House

The CPA (Consumer Protection Act) doesn’t override or negate the “voetstoots” clause that still appears...

How Big Is The Second Home Market?

FNB estimated that 16.2% of properties bought by individual South Africans are second homes. The...

Be Careful What You Post While You Away

Facebook is used by users in the holiday seasons to share locations, moments and memories....

Why You Shouldn't Overvalue Your House When Selling

As a home seller it is only natural that you want the most for your...

What Not To Do When Selling Your House in 2017

When potential buyers make the journey to your neighborhood, they have already done research and...

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

According to recent research, subconscious psychology plays a big role in the purchasing decision of...

Household Insurance? Things insurance companies don't want you to know.

Many household insurance claims are being rejected by some of South African insurance companies due...

Homeowner Insurance And Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing

Purchasing homeowner insurance in South Africa can be daunting, with so many options to consider....

Should you pay your homeowners insurance upfront?

Homeowners insurance is very important for home owners, but when it comes to payment, there...

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