Woman has gone viral after mistakenly sending pictures…

We all make trivial mistakes from time to time, after all we are only human. At some stage or other, we have all done something that we have regretted. Have you ever made a mistake and gone viral because of it? There is a lady in America that has gone viral after doing something silly. What exactly did she do?

Recently, a lady in America went viral after she mistakenly sent pictures of herself to her insurance company instead of photographs of her car.

How did she manage to do that? Alyssa Stringfellow, 25, from Arkansas, US, was asked to take front and side profile photographs before her car insurance could be completed. What did she do? She posed for a sequence of images, then she sent them to her insurer. She clearly misunderstood what her insurer wanted her to do.

What happened next? After she realized her error, she sent the correct images of the car to her insurer. She said that the man from the insurance company called and he laughed his head off after he got her email. Alyssa said that she thought it was weird that he wanted photographs of her, but she thought he had to have them to identify her.

Here is some background to the story: Alyssa was attempting to insure herself on her grandmother’s insurance to save money on driving her Kia Forte when she made the mistake. The man from the insurance company told Alyssa’s grandmother on the phone that he and his whole office were in hysterics at Alyssa’s clear misunderstanding.

She shared what occurred on Facebook. She shared her post and it has since had over 10,000 shares. So many people have shared it! Imagine so many people sharing this post! Wow, that is the power of social media! Going viral is quite cool isn’t it? From one little mishap, you can have your 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight!

We recommend that you always send your insurance company the pictures of your car and not pictures of yourself! We believe that you can learn a lot from Alyssa’s story. Learn from Alyssa’s mistake and make sure not to repeat it! You now know what you shouldn’t do when it comes to sending pictures to your insurance company! We think what Alyssa did is an easy and simple error to make!


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