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Woman has gone viral after mistakenly sending pictures...

We all make trivial mistakes from time to time, after all we are only human....

King Price. Insurance That Decreases Monthly and more

We all know that car insurance isn’t exactly cheap. But, car insurance is a necessity...

The Cheapest Cars To Insure In South Africa

The price of car insurance depends on many different factors. In order to get the...

Cheap insurance that decreases monthly?!

Let’s face it; there is something wrong with the way car insurance premiums are calculated....

Compare Car Insurance

Getting the best car insurance quotes online is the quickest and easiest way to compare...

South African Car Insurance Companies

There are plenty of South African car insurance companies. Each of them has its own...

King Price Insurance

Car insurance in South Africa, or anywhere for that matter is very expensive, especially if...

Comparing Car Insurance Rates

There are three things you need to look at when it comes to comparing car...

Car Insurance Quotes Comparison

Before you can get a proper car insurance quotes comparison, you need first to understand...

Why Claims For Car Insurance Are Rejected

Why Claims For Car Insurance Are Rejected It always feels like car and home insurance...

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