What are the 10 best car insurance companies?

Car accidents happen all the time on our roads. Whether it’s a small bumper bashing or a fatal head-on collision, we all hope that we will never be the victims of such accidents. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and while the trauma of going through such an ideal can be life-changing, often having to manage the admin after the accident can be just as bad.

If you have ever been involved in an accident, no matter how big or small, you’ll know that the costs of repair to your vehicle add up quickly. Nobody wants to find themselves in a situation where your car has been damaged, or worse, stolen, and you’re having to cover all the costs from your own pocket. That’s where insurance companies come in. While everyone hopes not to be a victim of any type of car accident, it is always better to be on the safe side.


We as South African consumers are often our own worst enemy. We have exceedingly high expectations from our short-term insurance companies; however, we don’t always see the value in including car insurance in our budget until we are involved in an accident. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with bad service and claim rejections from your insurance

Luckily, the insurance industry in South Africa is saturated with many great players, but it’s not always easy to pick the company that fits you best. Not to worry, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of what to look for when choosing a car
insurance broker and then let you in our take of South Africa’s best car insurance providers:

What to look for

When choosing an insurer that is right for both you and your car, few things need to be taken into consideration:

Price vs Value – An age-old discussion. Make sure you find insurance cover that is not only affordable but is comprehensive too.

Waiting Periods – How long do you need to wait before you are covered or even claim.

Communication – Does the insurance company keep you in the loop regarding your claim, where it is in the process, and how long it will take to get your car repaired? This is extremely important, as nothing can be more frustrating.

Top Car Insurance companies in SA

In no particular order, take a look at our picks of the best car insurance companies in South Africa

As one of the newer players in the market, King Price believes in decreasing car premiums as your car depreciates. A clear player in the price war game. What they offer:

  • Decreasing premiums as your car depreciates


  • User-friendly claim process Breakdown and


  • Emergency assistance


  • The Kings Cab – For customers with comprehensive cover, The Kings Cab will get you and your vehicle home safely when you have had one too many.

Offering all three types of car insurance, the AA offers affordable insurance premiums combined with great value adds that can be added to your contract. The AA also cater to citizens over the age of 60 with premiums tailored to their needs.

What they offer:

  • No excess payable when used AA Quality Assured repair center


  • Unlimited call outs within a 12-month cycle


  • Towing and overnight accommodation with car hire included


  • Emergency medical assistance


  • Roadside assistance


Added Value:

  • Fine assist – assistance, and reduction with fine payments


  • Stand By You – stranded on the side of the road? Stand By You will wait with you until help arrives.


  • License Renewal Assist – Assistance with renewing your car license.

  • Momentum believes in rewarding customers. As their competitive advantage, Momentum offers customers 30% of their premiums paid back in cash on an annual basis. Momentum offers all types of car insurance as well as guaranteeing the premium for 12 months. “SafeDayz” also tracks how safe customers are when they drive, contributing to the
    cashback received.

What they offer:

  • Tailor-made premiums to individuals needs


  • Insure at retail value as opposed to market value.


  • 24-hour roadside assistance


  • Claim submission through their app – simple, quick, and convenient

As one of the key players in the market, Discovery offers a wide range of insurance products, as well as optional extras and value adds.

What they offer:

  • A variety of car insurance options, broken down into 4 different plans


  • Lower premiums for insuring more than one vehicle


  • Emergency assistance if they detect you are in an emergency with their impact alert technology.


  • Smartphone panic button


  • EasyPark – a value-added service that offers automatic entry and exit at selected shopping centers.


Optional Extras:

  • VitalityDrive – rewards program that rewards you for driving well


  • Credit Shortfall cover – if your car is written off and there is a financial outlay for the difference between the value of the vehicle and the amount owed to the financial institution, they’ll cover the difference.


  • Car Hire upgrades – you have the option of upgrading the car group offered as well as the number of days


Customizable, flexible car insurance cover according to your needs. Miway also offers a product called “Total Loss” which covers customers for the loss of their vehicle in hi-jackings, theft, or when written-off. Miway also offers customers who purchase their insurance online, 1 month’s premiums back after 3 months.

Miway prides itself on being an insurer you can trust as they were awarded the best provider in the Auto/Car Insurance category in Ask Afrika’s 2019/20 Icon Brands Survey.

What they offer

  • Flexible, affordable car insurance premiums


  • Exceptional customer service


  • Claiming via the app


  • 6 x “We Drive” (Take me home service) trips

OUTsurance offers car insurance into two different categories, namely Comprehensive and Essential. One of the biggest drawcards to OUTsurance is the cash-back incentive they offer if they can’t beat your current car insurance premium.

What they offer

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance


  • Guaranteed premiums for 12 months


  • OUTbonus – 10% cashback in premiums if you have been claim free


  • Approved OUTsurance panel beaters


Offering comprehensive car insurance that ensures protection against damage, third party claims, and theft. Santam has introduced a product called SmartPark which saves you 20% on your premium if you are driving less than 15 000 km a year.

What they offer:

  • Comprehensive, Limited, and third party insurance


  • The option of replacing your vehicle after a theft with a similar, newer one.


  • The option to insure your vehicle for a guaranteed value so you know exactly how much to expect when you get paid out


  • Replacement costs for lost keys and remotes



Budget car insurance offers affordable premiums for comprehensive, limited, and third-party, fire
and theft as well as third party only car insurance.

What they offer:

  • BetterCar Value car insurance – if your car is written off in an accident, you get a payout for a better, newer car. A better car, 1-year newer model and with few kilometers on the clock.


  • Budget Lite car insurance – For customers with a tight budget, Budget Lite Car Insurance is specifically for vehicles that are fully paid off and valued at less than R100 000.


Car insurance designed specifically for women. Offering three different levels of car insurance depending on your requirements, comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only car insurance. Each insurance option comes standard with a variety of value-added products designed to keep you and your family safe on the road or at home.

What they offer:

  • Emergency and Breakdown Assistance, AKA Guardian Angel on Call -24/7 accident and roadside assistance through the 1st for Women App. The product offers benefits like a mobile crash detector, trustworthy towing, and emergency medical care. Available to comprehensive insurance customers.


  • Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assist – designed to make customers lives easier with benefits like road assist (for when you’ve run out of petrol or have a flat tire) home assist (for emergencies that need a plumber, locksmith, or similar), and legal assist (for when life get too much).


Dial Direct

Offering insurance for cars, bikes, caravans, trailers, golf carts, and more. The better car product offered by Dial Direct is an upgraded version of the comprehensive cover and offers a pay-out of a newer model car if your car is written off.

What they offer:

  • 75% cashback monthly just for driving well if you have a comprehensive cover with Dial Direct


  • Through the dial direct app, you’ll get emergency assistance or tow-truck assistance with the push of a button


  • Convenient, online policy management – get to control your policy updates, inspections, or update your details all via the app.


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