Student Credit Cards In South Africa

To apply for a student credit card, you will have to be an attending student at an accredited South African university. Student credit castudent credit cardsrds can be very useful as they allow students to access funds when they need it, and as we know students are always in need of that extra buck! Furthermore and more importantly, by using your student credit card you can start building a good credit record from an early age. Caution must be given though as you need to make sure your repayments are made timely.

Student Credit Cards in South Africa

Currently, there is only one student credit card in South Africa. The Absa Student Credit Card. The credit card for students offered by Absa is very handy in the way that it not only helps students to make easier and more convenient purchases and payment of bills but also is affordable because it does not require monthly purchase or service transaction fees. The Absa Student Credit Card gives you the reassurance of being able to cover unforeseen costs and expenses. It offers up to 57 days interest-free credit, helping you manage your cash flow and budget.

Student Credit Cards: Should I have one?

In all honestly, the youth of today are not only well-versed in the use of a broad spectrum of technology, but they can manage their money and finances in a mature manner. So should I have a credit card as a student? YES – if correctly managed.

Reasons and advantages of a student credit card:

  • Students get charged unique/lower interest rates.
  • Start building a good credit record from a younger age.
  • Access to funds when you need it.
  • The ability to make purchases online.
  • A credit card is a must have as far as security is concerned. Carrying cash is no longer a smart choice especially in South Africa.
  • Student credit cards offer practicality. You can pay for everything from airfares so that you will be able to commute to and from your home.
  • You can quickly pay student fees and relevant study material with your student credit card.
  • Having a student credit card means that you will have travel insurance should you go abroad.

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