What Not To Do When Selling Your House in 2017

When potential buyers make the journey to your neighborhood, they have already done research and know your asking price. While they drive past, they imagine themselves cooking in the kitchen and their kids playing in the yard. Therefore, they are just checking to see if your home has the “it” factor.

Then they look closer. They see peeling paint and a mess on the driveway. Quickly, they ask the agent to put foot and keep driving. A well-known property group outlined the main mistakes people make when trying to sell their house in 2017.

Ignored curb appeal: Possibly the most important factor is the appearance of your home from the view of your street. It is the fundamental first impression that any potential home buyer looks at. Your house needs to look inviting from the exterior, with a well-maintained driveway, the front yard should be manicured and there should be fresh paint on the walls. If they see the house is not well-kept, they will most probably move on.

Don’t crowd the buyer: When you are in the process of selling your house, you should take yourself out the picture. If you happen to be at home, greet the client. Let the client walk freely throughout your home. You need to give the client space to picture himself/herself living in your house. Don’t overwhelm your client with thousands of details.

Offer a “lived in” look: Buyers don’t want to see all your clutter as it makes it hard for them to picture themselves living in your home. A mess or extensive furniture can often hide aspects of the home that would entice someone else to buy. When selling, make sure your house is tidy and not cluttered with family photos and memorabilia. Try create and open clear space. Even the toaster and blender should be stored away when you show your home.

Don’t let odours linger: If you have pets or smoke inside, your house will most likely have an odour. Although you might be used to it, many people won’t appreciate it. So you should make sure to keep windows and doors open, keep pets outside and try not smoking in the house for the period that your house is on show. For any unwanted smells, try baking soda. Sprinkle it around the house, on the furniture and on the carpets. Let it sit for a day so the granules can absorb the odours and then vacuum it all up. You may have to do this a few times.



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Rate What Not To Do When Selling Your House in 2017