What Is Funeral Cover ?

Funeral cover in South Africa is often overlooked. It is often a type of insurance that people question and one of those “im still on the fence” type of products. In this article we answer the big question, ” What is funeral cover ?” as well as outline top funeral cover questions often asked by Likemoney users.

So what is funeral cover?

Funeral cover is a type of insurance you take out so that if you pass away your beneficiaries/family will be given money to give you a dignified burial. It means that you and those closest to you don’t have to worry about the heafty expenses when you or they are most vulnerable and at least able to cope. By having funeral cover you will gain peace of mind, and help your family at a difficult time. You can get funeral cover for your family for up to R30 000 from Assupol. Click Here to apply now.


How long is it going to take before you can expect a payout?

Most funeral cover providers will pay out within 48 hours, provided the correct documentation is submitted to them. These important documents include a death certificate, proof of banking and the applicable claims forms.

Can I take out cover for my entire family?

The majority of funeral plans include full family protection, but if usually only extends as far as covering your immediate family (your spouse, children & parents). You can also get policies that include extended family memebers for an increased premium.

Can I select the amount of cover I require?

Different cover level options are normally on offer so you can pick the level of cover you require, at the premium that best suits your pocket. You can get a Discovery Funeral Plan from as little as R48 per month.

Are there any benefits included?

Funeral cover providers deal with a lot of competition and therefore they have added a lot of funeral cover benefits. These benefits include “Grocery benefits”, “Free airtime” etc.

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