Secrets That Flight Attendants Hold From Passengers

Since this topic of discussion has gone online recently, the responses to these secrets have been quite surprising. Flight attendants spill the beans on the best time to fly with the least amount of turbulence, to how long the food has been on board before giving it to a customer. Here are seven of the most startling revelations:

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1. The Food Isn’t Fresh

It’s no secret that meals on a plane are not always very tasty, but one flight attendant revealed the reason why.

The airline worker alleged: “You get served frozen food which is kept for up to 7 hours.”

2. Less turbulence in Morning Flights

One flight attendant revealed that when it comes to booking flights, the earlier, the better. She said: “One of the things that flight attendants won’t tell you, is that morning flights are better because the air is less bumpy. Apparently, the airline wants you to book at any time of the day. There is also less chance to hit thunderstorms, as these tend to happen in the afternoon.”

3. Most Unhygienic Part of the Plane? Not The Toilet!

You are more likely to pick up germs from around your seat than in the bathroom of any plane. Germs like the common cold, flu’s, staph infection, or norovirus – many of which can live for days, weeks or even months on a surface.

After landing, the flight attendants clean up around the plane, but no one cleans the area where you sit, like the seat belt or the tray tables.

4. Weather Determines How Smooth the Landing Will Be.

A hostess confessed that it’s crucial to stop judging the pilots on how smooth their landings are as the weather determines everything. When it’s raining, for an example, the landing will be bumpier as the plane needs to touch the runway hard to avoid aquaplaning.

“So next time you have a rough landing, keep in mind, that although pilots are usually judged by their landing skills, a hard landing is necessary and a correct, safe way to land the machine.”

5. Take Travel Sickness Medication Before your Flight.

Flight attendants advised that it’s always better to take air sickness tablets before the plane takes off. Some admitted that they gave passengers placebo tablets on some flights to calm a passenger down, but only when they need to.

It’s best to take your travel sickness pills before a flight so you’ll be calm and relaxed before you board the plane as the take-off is the most difficult part for passengers.

6. Bad Behavior can Affect Future Trips

Should a passenger become hard to deal with, chances are the airline will be notified. This can be quite damaging, especially if you’re planning on taking a connecting flight.

According to an insider: “They know about your connecting flights. So please don’t make a scene when your flight is delayed. If you’re obnoxious, they can call ahead to the next gate and let them know that you missed the flight, so they should leave without you.”

7. Ashtray in the Bathroom

As smoking on board an airplane is still not permitted on any flights, some travelers might have noticed that there are indeed ashtrays available.

There are some rebellious passengers, and the ashtray is meant for those passengers. Why Though?

It’s for the passengers who are adamant and still decide to smoke; an ashtray gives them a place to kill the cigarette instead of throwing it in the trash, which can cause a fire.

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