Optic Fibre said to be New Target for Robbers

Fiber theftOptic fibre is a fairly new method of transporting bandwidth which has taken South Africa by storm with its ability to enable super fast data transmission speeds which are far-reaching. However, it has been reported recently that criminals are unfortunately zoning in on fibre operators in South Africa, apparently for their fusion splicing equipment which is a machine that is used to precisely align and join the two fibre ends.

This fusion splicing equipment is expensive, which is obviously a big reason as to why it is being stolen by criminals. These criminals appear to know exactly what they want, apparently targeting vehicles on the side of the road who carry this expensive equipment.

The theft of optic fibre equipment is of course a major problem, as it both delays projects and costs insurance companies a fortune.

There have been quite a few of these incidents which have been reported in Gauteng, but measures are being put in place to stop the problem before it gets worse.

We can only hope that this means the end of this ‘trend’ among robbers.

If you’re not quite sure exactly what optic fibre is, here is a brief rundown:

Optic fibre, otherwise known as ‘fiber optic’ or ‘optical fibre’ can be described as the technology associated with the transmission of information as light impulses along a glass or plastic wire or fiber. This Fiber optic wire carries much more information than conventional copper wire and is far less subject to electromagnetic interference.

Optic fibre is doing big things for South Africa, so it’s best to get in on it now and see if there is an offer which can work for you. Use LikeMoney’s comparative platform to compare broadband companies who offer this revolutionary product, and see what others are saying!

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Rate Optic Fibre said to be New Target for Robbers