Medical Insurance In South Africa

There are a lot of medical plans that people are familiar with. Although, when it comes to medical insurance in South Africa, most of us don’t quite understand the difference between hospital plans and medical aid schemes.

Medical Insurance in South Africa

A hospital plan is a medical plan which helps you pay for hospital fees when you are admitted to hospital, for surgery and access to emergency room care. Medical aid plans offer the same service as hospital plans with added day-to-day benefits like GP visits, dentistry and it pays for chronmedical insurance in south africaic medication. Some companies like Day1 Health offer medical insurance in South Africa which is the combination of the two for a smaller premium than medical aid.

Hospital plans are a lot different from other medical plans which seem to be closely related to each other. With a hospital plan, you are not covered for visits to the doctor. This is a challenge for people who have chronic diseases that require them to see the doctor frequently. Therefore if you suffer from a chronic disease, you should look at getting a medical aid scheme or better yet medical insurance for a cheaper fee. If you are in perfect health and only need to see the doctor once a year you will be fine with just having a hospital plan. Day1 Health offers hospital plans, day-to-day plans and medical insurance which is a combination of the two.

It’s required by South African law that hospital plans cover several medications. You can have some of the prescribed medicines paid by the plan. Although, not many of us know the concerned medications. Different hospital plans have their own medications that they can cover. The basic drugs covered are those that are in common use. It’s crucial that you look at the covered medications so as to see whether you benefit from the medical cover or not.

Costs of medical insurance in South Africa

The cost of hospital plans and medical aid schemes vary. You should compare providers on Likemoney and find the cover to suit your needs. As much as you feel that you might not need medical insurance, you need to understand that incidents like accidents and serious diseases can present you with hospital bills. It is, therefore, important that one has at least one medical insurance plan that will ease the burden of paying hospital bills.

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Rate Medical Insurance In South Africa

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