Hospital Plan Vs Medical Aid

Many people looking for hospital plans and medical aid schemes inquire about comprehensive hospital plans, but the latter phrase is something of a misnomer. A comprehensive medical aid plan is one that offers both hospital cover and day-to-day benefits, such as doctor and specialist visits as well as for medication. Generally speaking, a hospital plan is just that; a plan that offers cover for in-hospital treatment only and that does not provide any day-to-day benefits. However, in this article, we will cover a secret, a hospital plan with day-to-day benefits. Let us explore the differences between a hospital plan vs medical aid.

Hospital plan vs medical aid

In short, comprehensive medical aid is any medical aid that covers you for both in and out of hospital procedures. Most medical aid companies offer both hospital plans and medical aid schemes, depending on your specific healthcare requirements. You should compare medical aid plans to find the most fitting option for yourself and your family. Comprehensive medical cover, however, does not come cheap by the slightest. Although, it obviously has the major benefit of ensuring complete peace of mind regarding medical claims, cover, hospitalisation and surgery-related benefits.

Hospital plans, also known as entry-level medical aid provide medical cover if you become hospitalised, with fewer allowances for day-to-day costs than on a medical aid plan. The disadvantage is that many medical aid plans have restrictive regulations, for example, that you are only covered for certain surgical procedures, or that you need to spend the night in the hospital for the medical procedure to be covered by the hospital plan.

The secret

If you are fit and healthy a hospital plan is generally the best option as you will save a lot of money every month. Designed for the uninsured working population, Day1 Health has developed cost effective solutions for both individuals and groups covering: Unlimited Day to Day GP consultations, including Acute and Chronic Medication, hospital cover for illness, Accident, and dread disease events.

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