Hidden Credit Card Features

Most credit cards offer long term value in terms of ongoing rewards and extra features. Here are five credit card features you wish you had that actually exist.

Primary Rental Car Insurance

A lot of credit cards come with free rental car insurance although it might not provide as much cover as you think. Primary rental car insurance typically provides a reimbursement for the cash value of theft or collision damage on the rental car making it achievable that you don’t have to claim with your insurance provider. Take note that to qualify for credit card car insurance you need to use the card to pay for the rental vehicle and decline insurance coverage on the rental agreement.

Vote on Credit Card Features

Credit Cards like the Barclaycard allows cardholders to join its online community and have the ability to vote on the card features that they want.

Airline incidental credit

Almost all of us carry airline credit cards so that we can score free flights with frequent flyer miles and voyager miles. Although just because the tickets are free doesn’t mean you fly for free. Many airline credit cards offer free checked bags as an extra perk but for a lot of travelers this may not be enough.

Choose your reward categories

A great way of maximizing your rewards is to use a credit card that offers bug bonus rewards for specific spending categories. Although since a lot of these credit cards rotate bonus categories every quarter, you may be out of luck if you don’t care for some of the offerings.

Save on your children’s future

You can get help by swiping your credit card for saving for your child’s future. Some credit cards offer various lucrative bonus categories whereby you can deposit your rewards into a college savings account or choose from a few other worthwhile redemption options.

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Rate Hidden Credit Card Features

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