Fibre To Everywhere In SA’s Grasp

According to The Chief Development Officer at SEACOM Suveer Randhani, South Africa’s telecoms industry is on the verge of its next wave of growth. This is thanks to the growing uptake of bandwidth intensive applications like Cloud services and Internet TV streaming from consumers and business alike. Fibre here we come!

Ramdhani explains that the fast-changing user behavior is putting pressure on telecom operators to evolve their business models. Furthermore it is thanks to competition from innovative start up businesses whereby the larger players have had step up their game with fibre.

In terms of Cloud and Internet TV, for years there hasn’t been infrastructure to support concepts telecomsssbut its not finally come to materialization because new competitors have forced application, content and infrastructure providers to speed up the deployment of new offerings.

Dark Fibre Africa’s entry into the Business Fibre market and Vumatel’s entry into the Fibre to the home (FTTH) market galvanized South Africa’s essential operators into action. Today there is shower of activity in the fibre market and the way in which consumers and businesses use the internet.

Even though higher bandwidth speeds on copper and wireless became more affordable in South Africa, consumers and businesses began dabbling with cloud apps and video streaming. Thus, the user experience hasn’t been ideal and many users have become willing to pay a premium prices for faster and more reliable connectivity, like fibre.

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