Best Hospital Plans In South Africa

Finding the best hospital plans is a lot easier than you think. These days there are many hospital plan options to choose from for the average South African and they are offered at a lot of different price points. However, for some, it still does not seem easy to fit decent hospital plan coverage into their monthly hospital plans

Likemoney users rated Day1 Health as the best hospital plan in the month of February as they offer a hospital plan with medical aid day-to-day benefits. CLICK HERE to get a Day1 Health hospital plan quote with medical aid benefits from as little as R592 per month.

Likemoney has come up with some simple tips and tricks to consider in helping you find the best hospital plans for you and your family in 2017.

Likemoney Tips For Finding The Best Hospital Plans

Compare Hospital Plans

Finding affordable hospital plans does call for some research and a tiny bit of effort on your part. You can compare all hospital plans in South Africa on Likemoney. CLICK HERE to start comparing. Once you have compared plans, make sure that the cheaper plans offer more than you imagined and that the expensive ones that others recommend are good.

Watch Your Diet

  1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast.
  2. Eat small, healthy snacks during the day. …
  3. Read the label to find out how many servings are in a package. …
  4. Put a serving of food in a bowl instead of eating out of the package or container.

Not only will you find yourself in the hospital less often due to you being healthier, you can also add a little more cash to your budget by buying/eating less. This money can be used to get a comprehensive hospital plan.

Think Of a Hospital Plan As An Investment – In Yourself

In the end, a lot is riding on your remaining healthy. Your ability to work to pay bills. Your ability to care for your family. Consider medical insurance to be an investment in the same way you consider protecting your investment in your car with mechanics visits and routine maintenance.


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Rate Best Hospital Plans In South Africa

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