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PSG Share Trading is tailor made to meet your needs. PSG allows you to invest…



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PSG Share Trading

PSG Share Trading is tailor made to meet your needs. PSG allows you to invest directly on their online trading and investment platform. The platform allows you to choose from a wide variety of investments if you have the time and expertise to invest directly. The investments are designed to suit your risk profile and investment needs. PSG allows you to consolidate your investments on one platform online with one login.

Owning your own securities portfolio is like having your own managed fund.

PSG’s Share Trading¬†offerings:

  • The PSG Share Trading Platform¬†gives you direct market access.
  • The online platform makes live prices available.
  • Benefit from several watch lists.
  • You can automatically execute on your parameters for buying and selling listed instruments.
  • The online platform can alert you to new opportunities that match your trading strategy.
  • The platform gives you the ability to manage risk by setting up price watch and stop order facilities.

PSG has a variety of PSG Share Trading services you can trade with:

  • Local Shares: Direct market access to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to start building your local share portfolio.
  • Offshore Shares: Direct access to international exchange to start building your global securities portfolio.
  • Single Stock Futures: Listed instruments that allow you to hedge your portfolio.
  • Contracts for Difference: Diversify and hedge your portfolio and exploit market opportunities to maximize investment returns with minimal capital outlay.
  • Currency Futures: Maximise exposure to foreign currency movements with minimum capital.
  • Scriptfin: The Scriptfin facility gives you simple access to a loan when you want to leverage your equity portfolio.
  • Structured Savings: Access to invest Corporate Cash Manager and the Investec Corporate Cash Manager Fund with innovative online cash management facilities.
  • Exchange Traded Products: Listed instruments that are cost effectively pool investor funds. They replicate performance of market index or comply with a specific mandate.
  • Trading Software: Affordable charting and pricing software to track market trends and access live prices.


PSG contact details:

Address: Block B; Corporate 66 Office Park
269 Von Willich Avenue
Die Hoewes, Extension 233
Centurion 0157

Tel: 0860 774 566
Email: [email protected]

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