SA’s Best Online Banking Service Revealed

Columinate recently released their SITEsfaction report which showed which banks in South Africa offered the best digital banking experience. They used a survey which was comprised of 10 000 South African banking clients. The survey measured customer satisfaction with their digital banking services. This included internet banking and mobile banking.. Lets take a look at the best online banking companies…

The banks that were under scrutiny were the five major banks of South Africa; FNB, Capitec, Standard Bank, Absa and Nedbank. All five of the banks currently offer no less than five different ways of banking digitally, prompting the SITEsfaction survey to look at banks’s online and mobile banking platforms satisfaction as a wholbbbCOSTe.

SA’s Best Online Banking Service Revealed

FNB came out on top as the overall winner. They scored 80 out of a possible 100, putting them strongly in the lead of the competitors.

Conuminate went on to say that FNB is a consistent bank that delivers one of the best digital banking experiences in the local banking industry. FNB has won the best online banking service and has also won the best mobile and overall digital bank for the the two years that these aspects have been tracked.

Since the survey was first released in 2012, FNB and Capitec have alternatively been winning. In 2012 when the first survey was launched, Capitec’s score was tracked, but it was not included in the “official” rank due to the low number of Capitec clients voting.fnb-320x320


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Rate SA’s Best Online Banking Service Revealed

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