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SpectraMed Medical Scheme is one of the best know medical schemes in South Africa. SpectraMed…



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SpectraMed Medical Aid

SpectraMed Medical Scheme is one of the best know medical schemes in South Africa. SpectraMed prides themselves on bringing their client’s next generation healthcare, going above and beyond their competition. Their healthcare options are a unique combination of old and new benefits, and the result is a series of exciting hybrid healthcare options that are full of benefits without any of the frills.

SpectraMed Scheme Options

Spectra Cobalt:

This is one of Spectra Med’s most comprehensive forms of cover with the best benefits suited for mature members and settled families. It provides comprehensive cover for day to day medical expenses, hospital cover as well as healthcare, making it the best option. This type of cover is for members who require substantial healthcare benefits.

Spectra Azure:

The Spectra Azure cover is targeted at established families with busy youngsters, a family that takes their healthcare needs seriously and who wants to make proper provisions for their growing medical needs. This option provides members with unlimited in-hospital cover as well as cover for day to day expenses and basic dentistry.

Spectra Capri:

The Spectra Capri option is for young individuals, couples and starter families who are healthy and have growing healthcare needs. It is a more affordable option, providing reliable hospital cover. It provides ultimate hospital cover and decent day to day savings.

Spectra Cyan:

The Spectra Cyan option offers better value for money. It is best suited for Young individuals, young couples and starter families. It provides an overall limit and covers a variety of day to day expenses along with major medical expenses.

Spectra Aqua:

This option is for a first-time healthcare buyer, a young fit and healthy individual that seeks pure hospital cover only. The Spectra Aqua option provides in hospital cover along with an overall annual limit that is determined by a number of beneficiaries.


Spectramed contact details:

The Braids Bowling Rd,
Gallo Manor, Sandton 2191

Tel: 0861 497 497
Email:[email protected]

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