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out of 0 Reviews Life Insurance Life Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Holdings but is one of its diversification businesses that operates on its own independent business model. is a company that was established with its own life insurance operating license, and this is one of the first direct life investment companies to do so. The primary focus of is to be transparent and open in handling subject matter which provides an innovative methodology within the financial service market. Life insurance life insurance pays a tax-free amount of up to R10 million to your beneficiaries if you pass away. The payout depends on a variety of factors including your age, gender, income, education, health and even smoking habits and also your BMI index; a formula taking your height and weight into account which is an indicator of your health and counts towards your cover. Your monthly payments are tailor-made and calculated based on these factors and the cover you choose. Life Insurance Cover:

This cover is designed to ensure that the quality of your family’s life remains in the event of your death.

Frank. Net life insurance serious illness cover:

If your expectancy is less than 12 months due to a terminal illness such as cancer, the Serious Illness Benefit will pay you out. Life insurance Disability cover:

The main life assured receives a percentage of the death benefit as  disability cover in the event of the main life insured becoming temporarily or permanently disabled. Life Insurance Income Protection:

In the event that the main life assured is retrenched, the Income Protection Plan pays out an Income Protection benefit. will not pay if you injure or harm yourself or make yourself ill on purpose. They will not be able to pay any claim for any of their products if you are disabled or die while you are involved in any illegal activities, war, riots or terrorism. contact details:
Address:8th Floor, Eleven Adderley
11 Adderley Street
Cape Town, 8000

Tel: 0860 722 227
Email: [email protected]

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