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Discovery Life Insurance is part of Discovery Holdings, who have built an empire of successful…



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Discovery Life Insurance

Discovery Life Insurance is part of Discovery Holdings, who have built an empire of successful and industry-leading medical aid insurance products. Discovery Insurance is an emerging player in the South African Insurance market, giving an innovative approach to health insurance. Discovery Life Insurance brings added benefits to the South African life insurance industry. The company has transformed the fundamentals of life assurance products by moving away from the traditional approach which combines risk and investment, to focusing on a risk-based life insurance platform.

Discovery Life Insurance Covers

Cover for severe illness:

Discovery Life insurance critical illness benefit looks after both you and your family. It pays a lump sum in the case of serious illness. Discovery understands that illness can strike more than once so their unique multiple claims facility will allow you to claim more than once.

Cover for disability:

With Discovery’s capital disability benefit, there is no worry about the loss of income should you, unfortunately, become disabled. The policy will provide you with a lump sum to ease financial burdens, and any unused cover will be converted to severe illness cover at expiry age.

Income Protection:

This benefit will protect you with a monthly income if you suffer from injury, disability or severe illness.

Education Protection:

This policy covers fees to all South African Universities as well as a number of world renowned universities like Oxford and Harvard in the event of your death, disability or sever illness.

Discovery Life Insurance also has a variety of additional life insurances: 

Health Plan protector:

This policy will not only pay your family’s monthly medical contributions for up to 10 years but will also refund any unused health plan risk contributions, depending on how well you manage your health and wellness.

Medical Premium Wavier:

A standalone benefit specifically designed to cover your family’s healthcare needs should you die, become disabled or suffer a severe illness. Thanks to this extra level of protection, your family’s medical bills will be amply provided for – costs which they would otherwise have to pay privately.

Global Health Protector:

oYu and your family will be covered for certain procedures that either cannot be performed locally or that you are more likely to survive if performed in the USA. Insuring you locally, treating you globally.



Discovery Insure contact details:

Address: 155 West Street
Sandton, 2146

Tel: 0860 99 88 77
Email: [email protected]

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