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Car insurance in South Africa, or anywhere for that matter is very expensive, especially if you are young and have never had any insurance yet. It is the same as applying for a loan, and they ask you for your credit history. How in the world are you supposed to have a credit history when it is the first time you are applying for cover? So straight away, insurance companies penalise you because you do not have any insurance history. This article will explain how King Price Insurance will drop your monthly cost in line with the drop in the value of your car.


General car insurance companies

Car insurance companies quote you a steep price and tell you that you need to build up a no-claims history in order to qualify for a cheaper insurance premium. By the time year-end comes, the car insurance company tells you that your premiums are going up by 10%. What happened to your “no- claims” bonus which would have made it cheaper, you may ask? You pay your premiums which go up every year by 10% regardless, in order to get some cash back after four years. However… one claim during all that time and you can kiss the money goodbye.


King Price Insurance

What if there was an insurance provider that could drop your monthly premiums in line with the fall of the value of your car? It turns out that King Price Insurance has done just that, but how does it work in practice?



A car insurance company “company X” offers to insure your R120,000 vehicle at R500 per month.

After a year, it drops the value of your vehicle to R106,366 but raises the cost to R570 per month, regardless of the fact that you never claimed once during the year.

So in other words, you are paying for a car worth R120,000 but if it gets stolen in December, it will only pay you R107,440.

King Price Insurance premiums decrease monthly with the depreciating value of your car.


LikeMoney suggestion

You should get a quotation from King Price. If King Price quotes you in the same ballpark as your current insurer, then consider the move. There is nothing better than insurance which costs you less every month regardless of whether you claim.


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