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There are tons of insurance for funerals in South Africa. Each one with their unique options and covers. Today we’ll discuss some of these options and the two most important differences of insurance for funerals. But first, understanding what funeral insurance is before we look at the two most important differences.

Insurance For Funerals: Two Main Differences

Funeral pay-out

You get a funeral cover that pays out actual hard cash towards the family left behind. This money is used to pay for all the funeral expenses which include the costs before and after the funeral. Yes, there are actual costs before and after a funeral, not just the funeral expenses that most people as most people would think. Getting certain documents sorted costs time and money plus, obtaining certain things in place before a funeral also requires time and money. So, when you take out a funeral cover, make sure you always take a little extra to cover these costs.

Funeral Service Or Burial Service

When you have a funeral cover with them, your family does not get any cash pay-out what so ever. But, you do get other benefits, as everything regarding the funeral is done on your behalf. In short, this means, they will do everything for you and give you time to grieve the loss of your loved one. Any transportation for the deceased loved one is usually covered within the burial service plus, groceries for a few month and some other benefits. Some funeral services do give a small amount of cash in place of groceries.

Some Options With Funeral Cover

Funeral Plan

This is insurance for a funeral for yourself. You are covered in case of death, and the money goes to a family member who you choose so that they can take care of your funeral costs and proceedings. Should there be an amount left, covered which is usually left for the family member.

Family Funeral Cover

The family funeral cover is perfect for you, your spouse and children. Should anything happen then, your family is covered with the cash pay-out. Usually, the amounts are different from adults as a funeral for your child will cost you less.

Funeral Cover For Parents

There are many people that don’t want their parents covered on their funeral cover but still want to be included. So, they get separate funeral cover meant just for their parents. But what makes it so different? The price and the waiting period is what makes a funeral cover for parents different. The older the policyholder is, the more they will be charged. Also, should one parent be terminally ill, the funeral cover will only pay out for their passing should they pass after two years. That is the waiting period for terminally ill people. The standard waiting period is 12 months.

Apply now to get a quote and make preparation, after all, we don’t know when death will come for us or our family.

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