How Much Should You Be Paying For Broadband?

bbbCOSTBroadband can be provided via cable, satellite or over your phone line. It involves large volumes of info being carried at high speeds to your internet connected device, from PC’s, tablets and even your phone. Broadband allows websites, videos, text, music and graphics to be experienced in real time. Broadband has a variety of features that can be taken advantage of in your office or at home.

So how much should broadband really cost you?

Point Topic released its latest Global residential tariffs and bandwidths reports from around the world which showed  us that the average monthly charge for a residential broadband service is R1 574. Keep in mind this varies according to the speed at which customers choose. According to the report the average speed provided by residential services is 85Mbps which is an increase from 81Mbps three months earlier. This is a lot higher than the speed used in most households in South Africa.

Point Topic stated that the increase in the average bandwidth was especially notable for fibre connections and to some extent cable. This trend will continue with a significant number of operators accelerating the option of fibre to the home whereby some companies are even launching gigabit speeds.

Price per Mbps:

According to Point Topic, with the average monthly costs stable, faster speeds pushed down the average cost per megabit. The report stated that the average global cost per megabit was R18.61 at the end of December 2015 which is down significantly from R19.57 recorded at the end of September 2015.

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Rate How Much Should You Be Paying For Broadband?