Hospital Plan Advice: Medical Aid vs Hospital Plan?

When it comes to health, South Africans are offered a variety of options which will help assist with medical cover, should they need it. Because your health is so important, it is crucial to have some form of cover and this includes the options of a hospital plan or a medical aid scheme. Should you not know the proper difference between a hospital plan and a medical aid, our hospital plan advice will help you to choose the best option for you and your family.

Let’s have a look at what each of them offer.

Hospital Plan Advice:

What is a hospital plan?

To start with, we need to clarify exactly what a hospital plan is. This form of medical insurance will basically cover you should you end up in hospital, and it is also known as an entry level medical aid plan. It involves paying a monthly premium which is usually more affordable than taking out a more comprehensive medical aid scheme.

How does a hospital plan differ from medical aid?

The main difference between these two options is the fact that a hospital plan covers your stay in hospital, while a medical aid scheme, depending on the one you choose to take, will offer more benefits such as covering doctors’ visits, medication and more.

Other differences include the following:

  • Medical aids usually cover more chronic conditions than hospital plans do.
  • For most medical aid schemes, unlimited annual cover is offered where hospitalisation is concerned. This, however is not always available when it comes to a hospitals plan, and overall annual limits on treatment are present.
  • A hospital plan is more affordable than a medical aid scheme.

One thing which these two have in common, is that both hospital plans and medical aids have to pay for medical care pertaining to life threatening medical emergencies.

Overall, the type of plan you take out depends on your own personal medical needs. If you are generally a fit and healthy person who doesn’t usually require much medical attention, then a hospital plan may well be the way to go.

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Rate Hospital Plan Advice: Medical Aid vs Hospital Plan?

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