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Woolworths Household Insurance

Offering genuine value goes beyond offering Woolworths’ customers quality at a good price: it also…



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Woolworths Household Insurance

Offering genuine value goes beyond offering Woolworths’ customers quality at a good price: it also means offering value to each other, from sharing Woolworths’ knowledge with colleagues and suppliers to being able to evaluate how the decisions Woolworths makes affects the business.

Woolworths Household Insurance:

In partnership with Auto & General, Woolworths brings you the very best that short-term insurance has to offer: quality cover, affordable premiums, amazing benefits, incredible service and lots of added value designed around your lifestyle.


Every time something happens for which you claim, you have to pay the basic excess. You also have to pay any of the additional excesses on the schedule, on top of the basic excess.

They will indemnify you for:

Loss of or damage to the household goods and personal possessions that you and your family members who live with you have inside your home or the outbuildings at the address on the schedule

Loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, impact with your home and outbuildings (room(s) without direct access to your house), falling trees (but not while they are being felled), earthquake, storm, flood, the bursting or overflowing of geysers, equipment or pipes, break-in and theft

The maximum indemnity for the following items is stated on your schedule.

  • Food that deteriorates due to a power failure or if your fridge or freezer breaks down
  • Washing and garden furniture stolen while in the open at your home
  • Your guests’ belongings stolen at your home
  • Money stolen from your home, as long as they can see the damage caused by the break-in
  • Loss of personal documents, coins and/or a stamp collection
  • Locks as well as keys if they are lost or damaged
  • The fraudulent use of your credit or bank cards
  • A hole-in-one/bowling full-house on a recognized golf course/bowling green
  • Your and/or your spouse’s death if it is caused by a fire or a break-in at your home
  • Your domestic employee’s belongings, but if stolen, only when they can see the damage caused by the break-in into the outbuildings
  • Medical expenses due to an injury that was caused by a defect in your buildings or by your household pet. They will not indemnify you for injuries of a household member, but they will indemnify you for your domestic employee’s injuries.
  • Veterinary expenses if your household pet is injured in a road accident
  • The rent that you have to pay to live in another place if you cannot live in your home because it was damaged by anything covered by the policy
  • Your belongings if they are in a removal company truck and it is involved in an accident. They will also indemnify you for damage caused by fire, lightning and explosion while your belongings are in transit or stored in a registered furniture warehouse.
  • Mirrors and glass that are part of a stove, oven or furniture, when broken by accident
  • A television set, when broken by accident, but not when it breaks down mechanically or electrically
  • Fire brigade charges for a fire at your home


Woolworths contact details:

Address: 93 Longmarket Street

Cape Town 8001

Tel: 021 411 5000

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.woolworths.co.za

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