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Santam Household Insurance

Find out everything you need to know about Santam! Santam is the leading general insurer…



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Santam Household Insurance

Find out everything you need to know about Santam!

Santam is the leading general insurer in South Africa.

Santam’s global business focus and wide network of operations is an important differentiator for the Santam Group. The expansion of the Group’s business to the rest of Africa continues to be a strategic priority.

Santam aims to provide a first-class claims service through its efficiency and effectiveness in claims handling. This is helped by its 24/7 emergency and claims helpline.

Why Should You Choose Santam?

The insurer of choice for millions of South Africans countrywide is Santam. Santam is South Africa’s biggest short-term insurer. Santam insures risks to the value of over R4 trillion. Santam assists to keep you safe. Santam rewards you for remaining safe. Save from day one with a MONTHLY DISCOUNT dependent on your claims history as well as security measures. Santam’s clients are also able to select a CASH-BACK BONUS option, paid out after 2 claim-free years.

Santam Household Insurance:

Find out what you need to know about Santam Household Insurance below. Learn more about Santam Household Insurance.

House Contents:

Santam’s basic cover offers insurance protection of contents inside your residence.

Here is a breakdown of what this cover (at no additional cost to you) entails:

  • Accidental breakage of mirrors and glass inside the residence
  • Rental amounts for other accommodation (up to 25%) if your residence is damaged and not fit to live in
  • Fire extinguisher charges incurred to prevent or lessen damage to the property
  • Damage to your property caused by wild baboons or wild monkeys

Santam also offers the following convenience benefits (at no additional cost):

  • Medical expenses of guests and domestic employees incurred (up to R5 000)
  • Cost of trauma treatment after theft, burglary, hijacking or fire (up to R5 000)
  • Cost of employing security guards after an event (up to R5 000)


Santam contact details:

Address: 1 Sportica Crescent

Tyger Valley, Bellville, 7530

Tel: 021 915 7000

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.santam.co.za


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Rate Santam Household Insurance
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