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Hollard Household Insurance

At Hollard’s core lies the concept of doing things in a different way, for the…



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Hollard Household Insurance

At Hollard’s core lies the concept of doing things in a different way, for the purpose of really making a meaningful difference. Hollard wants to make a positive change in the lives of its customers, its partners, its suppliers, its communities and the broader South Africa.

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Hollard Household Insurance:

Home Contents Insurance:

With Hollard’s comprehensive home contents insurance, Hollard will cover you if you have to replace or repair your household possessions as they are lost, stolen or damaged. This includes coverage for loss or damage caused by insurance events such as fire, lightning, storms, earthquakes as well as other particular events. Hollard’s comprehensive home contents insurance also insures valuable things while they are inside your home such as your laptop, watch and jewellery.

Hollard’s No-claim reward (NCR) programme offers you 10% of your home contents premiums back after every 24 months that you do not claim on your policy.

Hollard’s comprehensive home contents insurance also include:

  • Damage to electrical equipment due to power surges
  • Cover for loss or damage of personal items belonging to guests or full-time employees
  • Cover for your belongings while they are in transit to or from your home, or while they’re temporarily removed from your home
  • The cost of professional counselling to deal with trauma after an insured event
  • The cost of a professional security guard to protect your home after an insured event
  • Paying for food that has gone off in your fridge or freezer due to an electrical or mechanical failure in your home
  • Replacing the clothes stolen off your washing line at your home, even if there was no forcible or violent entry
  • Paying for items purchased as gifts for someone else that are stolen or damaged while being kept in your home


Hollard contact details:

Address: 22 Oxford Road,

Parktown, Johannesburg

Tel: (011) 351 – 5000

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hollard.co.za


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