Car Seat Crises: Child Dies Minutes After Being Strapped In

The safety devise parents diligently buckle into their car , can be very deadly for young children when used incorrectly. An 11 week old baby died after being placed in a carseat at a daycare centre. This is due to an occurrence called positional asphyxiation also known as postural asphyxia, is a form of asphyxia which occurs when someone’s position prevents the person from breathing adequately. This can happen to infants not on in car seats but also in bouncers and infant rockers. This is a risk that few parents are aware of it, but such accidents occur more often they appear.

In this incidence a baby named Sheppard had a cold and his nose was quiet clogged and when it was time for him to nap he was placed in a carseat so that he could sleep vertically. Ligaments were not placed correctly in the car seat. While Sheppard slept he obviously moved around to some extent and his head moved down to his chest and because he was so young he could not lift his head to open his airway. No one at the day care noticed anything at the time and he died of suffocation.

Babies car seats are made to protect children during a trip, but they can endanger infants who are not belted in properly or if no one is watching them. Infants lack the muscles of the neck to keep their heads straight up. So if they are not correctly strapped into their car seat or rocking chair, their chin may fall to their chest and cut their air supply.

Important Measures when putting a child to sleep in a baby chair:

  • Never leave children unsupervised
  • Never leave infants in a car seat with unbuckled or partially buckled straps
  • Car seats should never be placed on a soft or unstable surface
  • Babies in bouncers, strollers, and swings may be able to manoeuvre into positions that could compromise their airway; straps on devices may not prevent infants getting into hazardous situations
  • Ensure that infants cannot twist their heads into soft bedding or slump forward in a seat; restraints should be used according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Slings are particularly hazardous because of their design and the ease with which an infant’s airway can be collapsed. If used, a baby’s face should be visible and ‘kissable’ at all times
  • Do not place more than one infant together in a swing meant for one infant

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Rate Car Seat Crises: Child Dies Minutes After Being Strapped In

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