Good News For Afrihost ADSL Users

Afrihost Data Rollover

Afrihost has launched data rollover on all of their capped ADSL packages. They have ensured all subscribers do not lose out on any unused data. Afrihost Gian Visser explained that all the data that you accumulate in the current month will carry over until the end of the following month.arihost-320x320

Afrihost Subscribers will automatically use their rolled over data first. This ensures that you can make use of last months rolled over data before you start making use of your current months data. This will automatically apply to all Afrihost’s new and existing DSL customers. Visser stated that customers will easily be able to see their carried over data from the previous month in their ClientZone or Mobile App.

Afrihost ADSL Free Data Promotion

Afrihost recently announced that they have increased the capacity of their new DSL network which gives subscribers free bonus data to use. Afrihost capped ADSL users have the next month and a half to use their bonus data as the promotion only expires at the end of March 2016. Furthermore Afrihost has also made its free after hours standard across all of its capped packages. Visser explained that any data used between midnight and 6am will not count towards his clients caps. Visser added that they have also extended their free after hours promotion for their “Free GB” clients to 30 April 2016.

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