Funeral Plans for South Africans: Frequently Asked Questions

Funeral plans for South Africans are quite important as it can help you save so much time and money when it comes to dealing with the burdens of paying and organizing a funeral, especially during the time of grieving after the passing of a loved on. Thus, funeral plans in South Africa are most important in lower income households, as they are hit the hardest when it comes to funerals. Look at the most commonly known questions about funeral insurance.

Commonly Asked Questions For Funeral plans For South Africans

Why do I need a funeral plan?

Even though it’s not something we want to think about right now it is very important, especially with death being so unpredictable and unknowingly close. Funeral insurance was created to help people plan for their future. By having a funeral plan you can make the financial burden of a funeral less for those you leave behind or on yourself should a family member pass away.

What exactly does a funeral plan offer?

A funeral plan pays out a certain amount agreed upon when signing up for the policy. This money can be used for the funeral expenses or anything else you may want to spend it on.

How much will a funeral plan cost me?

There are many different funeral plans for South Africans. How much you pay per month will all depend on the level of cover you’ve taken out. Also, the number of family members and the age of the policyholder, plus extended family like parents, will all determine the month cost. Fortunately, you can get Assupol Funeral Cover from as little as R1.50 per day.

Can I cover my whole family?

You can cover your whole family by taking out a family funeral cover for a small additional monthly payment. A family funeral cover includes you, your spouse, children, and any other family members that you choose to cover. You will also get the option of including your extended family members, like your parents and parents-in-law.

How long does a funeral plan last?

Funeral plans for South Africans usually only last until the policyholder passes away. The extended cover will stop once you or the family members added passes away, whichever comes first. With your children, it will end for each of them once they turn 21 years.

Will my family stay covered after my death?

Should you pass away suddenly, your family will only stay covered should they carry on paying the funeral cover monthly. There are some funeral plans for South Africans that will give your family a 12-month free cover without payment after your passing. After this 12-month period, they will have to pay again to be covered.

What happens should I miss one payment?

Depending on the type of funeral policy that you have, you’ll be given a grace period in which you can pay it up to date. Some funeral policies give you 15 days and others 30 days, point is, should you not pay it up to date your policy will automatically cancel.

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