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OUTsurance Car Insurance

Today, OUTsurance is well-known for its innovative value-for-money products, world-class service as well as paying…



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OUTsurance Car Insurance

Today, OUTsurance is well-known for its innovative value-for-money products, world-class service as well as paying over R1m per day in OUTbonuses on average.

OUTsurance Car Insurance:

What should you know about the OUTsurance Car Insurance options?

Find out about the OUTsurance Car Insurance options below.

Comprehensive Car Insurance:

OUTsurance’s comprehensive car insurance product is designed to make sure that you are covered against the loss or damage of anything and everything. This includes theft, hijacking, fire and liability claims, as well as accidental, flood, hail and intentional damage caused by another person.

  • 10% cash OUTbonus

If you have been claim-free for a period of three years, you will automatically get 10% of your paid car insurance premiums back in cash.

  • 12-month guaranteed premiums

OUTsurance guarantees your car insurance premium for 12 months at a time, even if you submit any claims during this period.

  • Fantastic service

OUTsurance stands firm in its belief that if you are insured with OUTsurance, you ought to be treated like royalty. That is why OUTsurance will do whatever it takes to process your claim as swiftly and efficiently as it can.

  • FREE emergency roadside assistance

As an OUTsurance client, you automatically have access to [email protected] – OUTsurance’s 24-hour roadside emergency assistance service.

  • Low flat excess

At OUTsurance, your excess stays fixed, despite the value or size of your claim.

  • Hand-picked panel beaters

OUTsurance will have your vehicle repaired by an approved service provider who will guarantee these repairs for a total of 12 months.




Essential Car Insurance:

Essential Car Insurance is ideal for vehicles valued at less than R100 000, older than five years, and not financed. Speak to one of OUTsurance’s expert sales advisors and receive the best combination of essential accident, essential theft, and essential liability cover to suit your needs and your pocket.

If you feel the cost of car insurance is too high considering the value of your vehicle, OUTsurance’s essential car insurance product might be the ideal fit. Select a combination of accident, theft and liability cover at a premium you can afford, and be in complete charge of the repairs process.

  • Liability cover for up to R1 million

If an accident is your fault and you’re legally liable for damage to a third party’s vehicle, OUTsurance will pay for damages up to a maximum of R1 million – with no excess payable.

  • You are able to specify maximum accidental cover up to 40% of the retail value of the vehicle

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident (or damaged because of fire, explosion, earthquake, snow, hail, flood or storm), OUTsurance will pay out the value of the damage up to the maximum amount chosen. Enjoy cover outside SA.

Enjoy cover in these countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe.

  • Theft cover

If your vehicle is stolen, OUTsurance will pay out the full retail value minus your excess amount.

  • You are fully in charge of the repair process

Your claim will always be paid out in cash. OUTsurance will deduct your excess (the first amount not covered) from the final payout amount. This amount is set at a default of R1 000 which you are able to increase up to R4 000 if you want. You will be in complete charge of the repair process (i.e. you are able to shop around for the best price and arrange for repairs at a service provider of your choice).



OUTsurance contact details:

Address: 1241 Embankment Rd

Zwartkop Ext 7, Centurion

South Africa


Tel: 08 600 70 000

Email: [email protected]






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Rate OUTsurance Car Insurance

Rate OUTsurance Car Insurance
Gert Visser

The best of the best!

Nwabisa Ntiyane

Zero delivery, Non delivery yo its policy and espoused values.

Mark Landers

Excellent service abd friendly assistance

Franschesca Christoffels

Today I got awesome service from sonnette and her team thank u u guyz made my day and thank u…

Today I got awesome service from sonnette and her team thank u u guyz made my day and thank u for calling me back sonnette

(Read More)
Tracey-Lee Vermaak

I am thus far very Disgusted with Out Surance, as I was involved in a major car accident that had…

I am thus far very Disgusted with Out Surance, as I was involved in a major car accident that had not involed any other car or person's. I on the other hand I have broken ribs and badley tawn legements yet I am truly grateful that I am alive. I had an Outsurance Asser that only came to my flat 2 weeks after my car accident had happened. I was treated like a crimanal by the Asser as he enteragated and bombarded me with questions, even though I had repetedly told him that I do not remember any thing about the accident as I had experienced head trauma. He proceeded to interigate me with questions about what I had to drink and eat at the Spur Resturant befor the accident and then he proceeded to question me again about how the accident had happen. He then stated to me that I had been taking a Tablet called Dormican Sleeping tablet and Tripalene Tablets. He then proceeded to tell me that you are only supposed to take a sleeping tablet befor you go to bed and that 1 Tripalene Tablet would knock a person out. I asked him what has this medication got to do with my car accident, he then said that he heard that I was on this medication. I had said to him that I am on prescription medication yet I am not taking Dormican Sleeping Tablet's at this time. I was told by another source who once worked for Out Surance that this is what the Out Surance Asser's goes out to asses the damage of your vehicle and the scene of the accident. Then they enteragate you with the same questions over and over again until you as a client makes a mistake in your answer's to them. They will look for any loop hole and mistake's in your statment so that they can avoid paying you out for your claim. Then later on in the week they will notify you and send you an Email informing you that Outsurance will not be paying you out And their reasons will be stipulated. I had the same experience with Out Surance 4 year's ago when I put a claim in for my wedding ring that was stolen from my house soon after I had arrived back from Thailand. One would ask. Why do I still take out an insurance with OUT SURANCE again. Well I thought that Out Surance would not treat me in this way ever again and that all deserve a second chance.

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