Can We Trust South African Online Shops?

afaafaThere are so many online stores around the world that are stealing people’s credit card details and now, in South Africa as well. Hackers gain access to the compromised websites’ source code using unpatched security flaws.

Once a store is under control of a cyber criminal, a JavaScript wiretap is installed that funnels lice payment data to an offshore collection server. You see, the wiretap runs undercover, not the users nor the owner knows that the credit card information is being skimmed. The cyber criminal takes the credit card information and sells it on the dark web.

Online credit card skimming is very efficient as it’s hard to detect or trace, which makes it nearly impossible to catch the thieves.

Online Stores in South Africa

A Dutch developer, Willem De Groot, did an investigation into thousands of online shops and found 5900 sites that were compromised. After posting this information online, it was quickly removed due to complaining site owners.

“After publishing a list of compromised online stores, I was contacted by several individuals who claimed their site had been compromised, and who threatened to sue me,” De  Groot said.

It turns out, all of these sites were in fact compromised, pointing to a site named which he says ‘provides solid proof.”

“I have, before publication, submitted all URLs and malware samples to Google’s Safe Browsing team. They have since only acted upon a small portion of the sites.”

He also said that he understands how painful it can be for a site owner to see his site on this list, but it was needed to prevent this problem from growing any further.

My-broadband tested all the South African sites, and all of them were blocked by an anti-malware software or browser warnings. They then informed all the South African sites on the list of the compromise before going live with this article.

Here is the list of the South African websites you need to avoid:



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