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King Price Insurance was established five years ago with their unique product offering of decreased…



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King Price Business Insurance

King Price Insurance was established five years ago with their unique product offering of decreased premiums with their unsurpassed insurance deals. King Price Business Insurance offers ground breaking insurance cover. With King Price, your business has the opportunity to benefit from affordable cover, peace of mind and an award-winning service that thousands of clients already enjoy.

King Price Business Insurance Cover Types

Fire: You’re covered for loss or damage to the whole, or part, of the property, owned by you, or for which you are responsible, due to fire, lightning, subterranean fire, explosion, earthquake and weather-related perils, such as storm, wind, water, hail and snow.King Price business Insurance

Buildings combined: You’re covered for damage to buildings, which you own including all outbuildings, sporting and recreational structures including swimming pools, tennis courts, sauna/spa baths/ jacuzzi’s, water pumps, pool machinery, borehole motors, automatic gate/garage door motors, landlord’s fixtures and fittings, fitted carpets and lifts, transformers, motors, boilers, air-conditioning standby generators and boundary and other walls (except dam walls), gates, posts, fences, and tarred or paved roads, driveways, paths, patios or parking areas.

Office Contents: King price business insurance for office contents covers for loss of or damage to, the office contents at your business premises, including Landlord’s fixtures and fittings belonging to you, or for which you’re responsible. Furniture, movable property and office machinery belonging to you, or for which you’re responsible.

Business Interruption: You’re covered for your financial loss due to the interruption of, or interference with, your business activities, after a fire-related loss or damage for which you have claimed.

Accounts Receivable: You’re covered for loss or damage under ‘accounts receivable,’ due to loss of, or damage to, your accounting books, or other business books or records, which result in you being unable to trace or determine your outstanding debit balances:

Money: You’re covered for loss or damage of money that occurs in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi.

Glass: You’re covered for the loss or damage to your internal and external glass (including reflective glass or mirrors), sign writing and treatment thereon, at the insured premises for which you are responsible.

Fidelity: You’re covered for financial loss under fidelity cover, due to: Fraud or dishonesty of an insured employee, by the theft of money or other property, belonging to you or for which you are responsible which occurs during your period of cover, which results in a dishonest personal financial gain for that employee.

Goods In Transit: With King Price Business Insurance for goods in transit you are covered for loss of or damage to goods in transit belonging to you or for which you’re responsible, caused by an accident or any incident (including fire extinguishing charges) not excluded under this section.

Business All Risk: You’re covered for loss of or damage to the property, while anywhere in the world by any accident or any incident not otherwise excluded.

Public & Employers Liability: You’re covered for damages for which you become legally liable to pay, arising from the accidental death of, or bodily injury to, illness or accidental loss or damage, which occurred in the course of or in connection with your business. The liability must arise on or after the retroactive date shown on your schedule, and must result in a claim first being made against you in writing, during the period of insurance

Stated Benefits and group personal accident: You’re covered for bodily injury to your principal, partner, director, member or employee.

Motor:  Comprehensive cover for the loss of, or damage to, the motor caused by an accident or fire, self-ignition, lightning explosion or by the theft or any attempted theft of the motor. The medical expenses and liability to other parties are also covered under this section.

Electronic Equipment: You’re covered for the physical loss of, or damage to your electronic equipment, while it is at work or anywhere within the building occupied by you, on the premises or in transit, including loading and unloading, or while it’s temporarily stored at any premises on route.

Motor Traders Internal: You’re covered for the damage to any insured vehicle and its accessories or spare parts, occurring on the premises owned by or occupied by you.

Machinery Breakdown: You’re covered for unexpected and sudden fortuitous physical damage to the insured property whilst on the premises from any cause not specifically excluded.

Deterioration of stock insurance: You’re covered for degradation of the goods, inside the refrigeration chamber(s), at your premises, resulting from the Unforeseen and sudden fortuitous physical damage to the insured property. Contamination by refrigerant, as a result of physical damage to the refrigeration installation. Sudden and unforeseen interruption of the public power supply, at the terminal ends of the supply authorities service feeders at the premises.

Machinery breakdown – Business interruption: You’re covered for your financial loss, due to the interruption of or interference with your business activities, following an incident causing loss or damage to any machinery covered by the king’s machinery breakdown section and that is used by you, at the premises for the purpose of the business.

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