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Indwe Business insurance

Indwe Risk Services started in 2006 and they focus on giving expert analysis on your business…



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Indwe Business insurance

Indwe Risk Services started in 2006 and they focus on giving expert analysis on your business to devise and develop a winning insurance strategy that gives you the green light for growth. Indwe, in their time, gathered years of experience from South Africa’s insurance leaders and trailblazers.

Indwe Business Insurance


Indwe Business Insurance provides cover for your aviation business. Their aviation insurance is geared towards the operation of aircraft, as well as the various risks involved in aviation. This may include hull losses, liability for passengers injuries, third party damage caused by aircraft accidents, pilots personal accident cover and even war risks.


Whether you have big or small construction insurance requirements, Indwe’s specialist construction team can arrange tailored solutions that provide the foundation you need to get your projects and tasks completed without obstacles getting in your way.

Financial institutions:

Indwe Business Insurance provides insurance solutions and specialised financial cover for venture capitalists, institutional and state institutions. Their expert financial team will deliver the cover your business needs, leaving you to focus on the numbers.

Freight and forwarding: 

With Indwe’s focused cover, your business can keep moving forward.

Legal Liabilities & costs:

Indwe Business Insurance for extensive liability cover includes: product recall, legal defence costs, errors and omissions, advertisers’ liability, defective workmanship, aviation liabilities, car hire liability, cyber liability, commercial legal costs, employers’ liability and more.


Whatever you manufacture, and whether it’s sold locally or abroad, get the cover you need so you can focus on your bottom line.


Whatever your marine insurance requirements, speak to Indwe Risk Services for extensive marine cover, including hull, hull liabilities, war risks, carriers’ liability and cargo (import/export, inland transit, and temporary storage).

Professional consulting:

Get the right cover to safeguard your practice from legal and financial liability.


With Indwe’s specialised cover, they help make sure the carpet never gets pulled from under your feet.


Get the right advice when it comes to the Consumer Protection Act, so you can safeguard your business.

State-owned government: 

With Indwe’s unrivalled experience in this sector, they provide appropriate cover for your needs.

Transport & Automotive:

Indwe’s extensive range of transportation cover includes: own damage, loss of income, drivers’ personal accident, drivers’ criminal defence costs, third party liabilities, carriers’ liabilities, motor traders’ liabilities, fare paying passenger liabilities, car hire liabilities, goods in transit and more.


Indwe contact details:

Address: 5 Willowbrook Close,
Melrose, 2116

Tel: 011 912 7300
Email: [email protected]


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