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  With offices around the country, AIG insures a lot of SA’s top business and…



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AIG Business Insurance


With offices around the country, AIG insures a lot of SA’s top business and government organisations, hundreds of mid-sized and smaller companies, and an always increasing number of people.

AIG Business Insurance:

Group Accident & Health

AIG provides a selection of travel and personal accident products for groups, including businesses as well as corporates, and speciality insurance solutions.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

All-important emergency medical assistance covering medical emergencies, trip cancellation, baggage loss or delay, loss of passport, death and disability

Specialty Insurance Solutions

Customised travel and insurance programs for your company


Group Personal Accident Insurance

Comprehensive personal accident insurance for your employees, covering total or partial disability because of a work-related accident


Liability Insurance

AIG offers tailored general, excess and speciality Liabilities solutions for domestic as well as multi-national organisations of all sizes.

Commercial Auto

Essential auto cover for your commercial fleet


Liabilities Loss Control & Prevention

Loss prevention and risk management tools and programmes


Excess Liability

Offering excess capacity above a business’s primary liability insurance protection


Primary Liability

Tailor-made insurance to cover your general and product liability

Energy & Engineered Risks

Energy Insurance

AIG are consistent and reliable providers of stable lead capacity with engineering specialists in the field throughout the world. AIG works with local, multi-country as well as global clients.

AIG has one of the insurance industry’s biggest and most experienced worldwide loss control teams focused on assessing offshore, construction, property, machinery and mechanical breakdown related exposures, including risks unique to oil refinery, power generation as well as chemical manufacturing.

AIG’s focus is to assist to manage risk in order to lessen or mitigate potential loss caused by fire, explosion, windstorm, flood, earthquake, collapse and mechanical and electrical breakdown exposures.

AIG works with its brokers and customers to provide best in class, cost-effective solutions to improve upon existing risk management programmes.


  • Deep understanding of the industry, environment and operations, extensive specialised expertise, innovative solutions, substantial capacity as well as financial strength
  • Truly global approach to protecting and insuring energy risks
  • Access to specialist in-house loss control as well as engineering expertise
  • Claims teams located worldwide
  • Alternative and renewable energy consultancy services

Who is it for?

Physical Damage and Business Interruption Cover to:

Major construction and erection projects, Oil refineries, petrochemical works, On and offshore oil rig drilling, Mining (above and below ground level) of whatever nature, Power generating of whatever nature, Chemicals Manufacturing


What is covered?

  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and Offshore Vessels
  • Operators Extra Expense
  • Fixed Offshore Property and Business Interruption
  • Onshore Erection / Construction All Risks
  • Onshore Energy Property Damage and Business Interruption
  • Offshore Business Interruption (Oil Rig product)
  • Land Rigs and Miscellaneous Property Insurance (Oil Rig product)


Marine Insurance

AIG provides comprehensive property, cargo and liability solutions for commercial marine related businesses and activities.

Cargo Insurance

All Risks and third party coverage for multinationals and large project cargo operations


Recreational Marine

Property coverage for your yacht as well as its contents


Global Risk Solutions

AIG provides non-traditional solutions to unique risks that aren’t sufficiently addressed by traditional insurance or financial markets.

Captive Programmes

Substantial risk transfer capacity and multi-line global solutions


Evolving Risks

Tailor-made cover for the non-traditional risks


Retrospectively Rated

Solutions for those multinational companies with a low cost of claims


Deductible Programmes

Perfect for primary layer risk retention


Liability Buyouts / Loss Portfolio Transfers

Reduced liability for your complex exposures


Structured Insurance

Structured solutions providing flexible broad coverage


For more than 65 years AIG has been dedicated internationally to addressing the insurance as well as risk management needs of airlines, aircraft operations and aerospace facilities of all types.

Who is it for?

Aerospace product manufacturers, airport operators, airport ground handlers, airport contractors, corporate aircraft operators, commercial general aviation, hull war and terrorism liabilities

What is covered?

AIG provides a broad range of insurance solutions for your aviation risk, including airline insurance, general aviation, products & airports and space & satellites cover.

Crisis Management

AIG provides solutions to aid companies to manage and mitigate the impact of crises and expedite recovery.

Contaminated Product Insurance

Final protection for recall costs, net loss in profits and rehabilitation costs following either accidental or malicious contamination

First Party Recall

The insurance to cover a loss arising from the recall of a product

Financial Lines

AIG offers a suite of products to protect both individuals in businesses and organisations of all sizes from current commercial challenges.

Bankers Blanket Bond

Insurance for financial institutions that covers instances of fraud, dishonesty, theft as well as forgery


Cyber Liability

Cyber risk protection for commercial entities


Employers Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Cover for an employer’s legal costs, expenses as well as compensation awards for an extensive range of employment practice violations


Investment Management Insurance (IMI)

Cover for all your professional and managerial liabilities as an investment manager, fund or adviser


Pension Trustees Liability (PTL)

Protection for the trustees, the employees, the employer company as well as the fund itself


Professional Indemnity

Protection against displeased customers and complaints because of the professional services they received


Representation and Warranties Indemnity

Cover for breaches in representations and warranties given in the sale of a business



Comprehensive crime cover incorporating employee fraud and specified fraudulent acts committed by third parties


Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Enhanced protection for directors, officers and employees acting in management or supervisory capacity


Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity (FIPI)

Tailored insurance products to cover financial loss to a third party


Kidnap & Ransom

Immediate access to specialist response consultants who advise on the complex and sensitive issues around the safe release of the victim.


Private Edge

An innovative product to protect the personal assets of individuals and cover the costs of their defence


Prospectors Offering of Securities Insurance (POSI)

Cover for companies enabling them to ring-fence the significant and long-term exposure presented by securities offerings


Tech Premier – Modular Edition

Professional Liability protection for Technology companies that have multi-faceted businesses


Commercial Property

Property Insurance

AIG provides property solutions that address risks to a company’s physical assets such as material damage, business interruption and terrorism.

Commercial Property

Material damage and business interruption cover


Property Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance

Protection for your business against terrorist acts


AIG contact details:

Address: Sandown Mews West,

88 Stella Street, Sandown 2196

Tel: +27 (0)11 551 8500

Email: [email protected]



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