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Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card


Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card

The Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card is designed for South Africans to provide low banking costs…



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Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card

The Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card is designed for South Africans to provide low banking costs that are available to anyone. The account comes with a Mzansi visa debit card and transactions which can be done at any post office brand or Saswitch ATM countrywide, offering you convenience.

The Benefits of the Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card:

  • Pay for things with your card instead of carrying cash.
  • Withdraw at any Saswitch ATM countrywide and at any online Post Office branch.
  • Debit and credit (stop) orders are linked to your account to cover monthly expenses.

The Post Bank Mzansi Bank card is only available to South African citizens with a valid ID, and it cannot be open for foreigners or groups (Societies, Joint account, Stokvels, CC, and Companies etc.) The same customer cannot hold more than one account of the same product type and the account balance may not exceed R25 000 at any given time. The customer cannot perform any single or multiple withdrawals of more than R5 000 per day.

The Mzansi bank account comes with a range of benefits: you can send money and make salary deposits. Your money is kept in a safe place and you are the only one who can access it.

In order to apply, you can go to your nearest Post Office with your South African ID document and proof of residence.


Post Bank contact details:

Address: Industrie Wibsey,
Kent Ave,
Johannesburg, 1717

Tel: 0800 53 54 55
Email: [email protected]

Account Details

Monthly Fee 0.00
Account Type Pay as you transact
Monthly transactions included Limited
Interest 0.10% - 0.20%

Qualifying Criteria

Age Requirement 18
Minimum Monthly Salary 0.00
Minimum Monthly Balance R10.00
Minimum Opening Deposit R0.00


Cheque Deposit Branch R0.00
Cheque Deposit ATM NA
Cash Deposit Branch R 2.00 up to R199.99, thereafter an additional R1.70 per R100.00 or part thereof above R199.99.
Cash Deposit ATM NA

Cash Withdrawals

Branch counter R12.50
Own Bank ATM NA
Other Bank ATM R7.30 below R100.00, R1.50/R100.00 thereafter
Point Of Sale/Till R2.70
Overseas ATM R 7.30 below R100.00 thereafter an additional R1.50 per R100.00 and above


POS (Point Of Sale) - local R2.20
POS - Overseas R10.00 + 2%
Prepaid R0.00

Account Payments

Branch Counter NA
Internet NA
Cellphone NA
Telephone Advisor NA

Debit Orders

Internal Debit Orders NA
External Debit Orders NA
Stop Orders NA

Fund Transfer

Branch Counter NA
Internet NA
Cellphone NA
Phone Advisor NA

Balance Enquiries

ATM R 3.70
At Other Bank ATM R 3.70
Branch counter R0.00
Overseas ATM/POS R3.70
Internet, Cellphone R0.00, R1.00 will be charged by your mobile service provider for the cost of the sms.
Telephone Advisor NA


Branch R8.10

Administration Fees

Bank cheque/marked cheque NA
Stop payments NA
Stop order NA
Special clearance R71.40
Debit Card replacement R46.80
Cheque Card replacement R46.80
New Cheque Card R0.00

Other Fees

Overdraft ledger NA
Dishonoured / returned payment R64.10
Notice of payment NA

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Rate Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card

Rate Post Bank Mzansi Bank Card


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