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Nedbank Savvy Bundle Account


Nedbank Savvy Bundle Account

The Nedbank Savvy Bundle Account is the top of the range Savvy account from Nedbank….



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Nedbank Savvy Bundle Account

The Nedbank Savvy Bundle Account is the top of the range Savvy account from Nedbank. It offers you the flexibility you need with all the added benefits. It has an overdraft facility, a platinum credit card, greenback rewards and more! The Nedbank Savvy Bundle gives you the most out of banking for a fixed monthly fee.

The Nedbank Savvy Bundle Account is best suited for a high frequency user.┬áThe Nedbank Savvy options present a wide range of great value banking solutions and financial tools that can assist you with clever choices, as they want you to be more savvy with your money so there is nothing in life you can’t achieve.


Nedbank contact details:

Address: 135 Rivonia Rd,
Sandown, Sandton, 2196

Tel: 011 294 4444
Email: [email protected]

Account Details

Monthly Fee 169
Account Type Standard Fee
Monthly transactions included Unlimited
Interest 0%

Qualifying Criteria

Age Requirement 18
Minimum Monthly Salary 3000.00
Minimum Monthly Balance R0.00
Minimum Opening Deposit R50.00


Cheque Deposit Branch R10.00
Cheque Deposit ATM R10.00
Cash Deposit Branch 1 Free, R6.00 plus R1.28/R100.00 thereafter
Cash Deposit ATM 1 Free, R6.00 plus R1.28/R100.00 thereafter

Cash Withdrawals

Branch counter 1 Free, R30.00 plus R1.28/R100.00 thereafter
Own Bank ATM R0.00
Other Bank ATM 1 Free, R10.00 plus R1.28/R100.00 thereafter
Point Of Sale/Till R0.00
Overseas ATM R35.00 plus R1.28/R100.00 thereafter


POS (Point Of Sale) - local R0.00
POS - Overseas 2% of the total transaction
Prepaid R0.00

Account Payments

ATM R0.00
Branch Counter R45.00
Internet R0.00
Cellphone R0.00
Telephone Advisor R45.00

Debit Orders

Internal Debit Orders R0.00
External Debit Orders R0.00
Stop Orders R0.00

Fund Transfer

ATM R0.00
Branch Counter R30.00
Internet R0.00
Cellphone R0.00
Phone Advisor R10.00

Balance Enquiries

ATM R0.00
At Other Bank ATM R4.00
Branch counter R4.00
POS R4.00
Overseas ATM/POS R4.00
Internet, Cellphone R0.00
Telephone Advisor R4.00


Branch 1 Free, R18.00 thereafter
ATM R0.00

Administration Fees

Bank cheque/marked cheque R20.00
Stop payments R44.00
Stop order R0.00
Special clearance R80.00
Debit Card replacement R80.00
Cheque Card replacement R80.00
New Cheque Card R0.00

Other Fees

Overdraft ledger R0.00
Dishonoured / returned payment R90.00 (Increasing to R125.00 per item for the 4th and subsequent items within 12 months).
Notice of payment R0.00 | R0.00 | R0.00

Added Benefits

Platinum Credit Card, Self-service subscription fee, Greenbacks Rewards Programme (cheque and credit card), Platinum Cheque Card, Overdraft facility, SMS notifications (eNote)

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Rate Nedbank Savvy Bundle Account


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