Bank Accounts Guide: Tips for Staying Safe At The ATM

Using an ATM is a modern practice for those with a bank account, allowing users to withdraw money quickly and conveniently. However, one has to practice proper safety measures when using an ATM, especially in South Africa. Here are a bank accounts guide on tips for staying safe:

Bank Account Guide At ATMs

Do not accept help:

When using an ATM, do not accept help from strangers as even the most unassuming people may be using tactics to obtain your bank card or ATM pin. There are a lot of scams out there, so you need to be careful about who you communicate with while at an ATM.

Keep your ATM pin hidden:gaeggagg

Never tell anyone your pin number. Even if it’s a trusted friend or family member, it is important that nobody but you knows your ATM pin number. Also, do not write your pin number on a piece of paper which is left in your wallet, as it may fall into the wrong hands. Your bank account information is confidential, so keep it that way.

Don’t leave the ATM while your bank card is still inside it:

While you may be thinking that this is a given, sometimes ATMs swallow bank cards and people leave the ATM thinking that they cannot get it back. However, if this happens, rather call your bank and wait by the machine. You should only leave once you are confident that your card’s cancelled.

Inspect your ATM:

Before using an ATM, check to see whether there is anything unsavoury about it. For example, there may be something unusual attached to it which is a sign that someone tampered with it. If you see anything suspicious, rather look for another ATM to use.

In summary, you need to be careful with all aspects of your bank account. Unfortunately, the crime rate is rife in South Africa, so precautions need to be taken when using an ATM, using Internet Banking, or any other business functions.

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Rate Bank Accounts Guide: Tips for Staying Safe At The ATM

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