98 Things Facebook Knows About You

The first question you need to ask, who knows the most about you? You might think it’s your partner, friends or your parents (assuming you had the sort of tame life your parents would find acceptable).

But most likely, you’d be very wrong. That’s because all our favourite tech companies now have more info about you and your lifestyle than anyone else you know. The firm with the largest info stash is still most likely to be Google, which could theoretically tell an awful lot about your life based just on your search history.

So coming into second place is the one, the only, Facebook! This social network holds gazillions of our photos, conversations and innermost thoughts. Now Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has revealed the 98 things is has for all users, which can be found on a new website revealing how Facebook targets users with advertising.

“We want the ads people see on Facebook to be interesting, useful and relevant. Like many companies, we provide information that helps better explain this practice and we give people ways to opt out and help control their experience” according to a Facebook spokesperson.

Here are the facts and secrets Facebook has found out about you or is trying to discover:

  1. Your location
  2. Age
  3. Generation
  4. Gender
  5. Language
  6. Education level
  7. Field of study
  8. School
  9. Ethnic background
  10. Income and net worth
  11. Home ownership and type of home
  12. Value of your home
  13. Size of your property
  14. Square footage of your house
  15. The year your house was built
  16. Who lives in your house
  17. Whether you have an anniversary approaching in the next month
  18. If you’re living away from family or hometown
  19. Whether your friends with someone who has an anniversary, in newly married or engaged, recently moved or has an upcoming birthday
  20. If you’re in a long-distance relationship
  21. If you’re in a new relationship
  22. If you have a new job
  23. If you’re recently engaged
  24. If you’ve just got married
  25. If you’ve moved house recently
  26. When your birthday is coming up
  27. Parents
  28. Expectant parents
  29. Mothers, divided by ‘type’ (which includes ‘soccer mums’ or other maternal tribes)
  30. If you are likely to engage in politics
  31. Whether you are conservative or liberal
  32. Relationship status
  33. Employer
  34. Industry
  35. Job title
  36. Office type
  37. Interests
  38. Whether you own a motorbike
  39. If you’re planning to buy a car
  40. If you have purchased auto parts or accessories recently
  41. If you are likely to buy auto parts or services
  42. The style and brand of your car
  43. The year your car was bought
  44. Age of your car
  45. How much money you’re likely to spend on your next car
  46. Where you are likely to buy your next car from
  47. How many employees your company has
  48. If you own a small business
  49. If you work in management or is in an executive position
  50. If you have donated to any charity (divided by charity type)
  51. Operating system
  52. If you play browser games
  53. If you own a gaming console
  54. If you have created a Facebook event
  55. If you have used Facebook Payments
  56. If you’ve spent more than the average amount on Facebook
  57. If you administer a Facebook page
  58. If you have recently uploaded photos to Facebook
  59. Internet browser
  60. Email service
  61. Early/late adopters of technology
  62. If you are an expat and what country you’ve left
  63. If you belong to a credit union, national bank or regional bank
  64. If you are an investor
  65. Number of credit lines
  66. If you are an active credit card user
  67. Credit card type
  68. If you own a debit card
  69. If you carry a balance on your credit card
  70. If you listen to the radio
  71. What TV shows you like
  72. If you use a mobile device and what brand it is
  73. The Internet connection type
  74. If you have recently bought a smartphone or tablet
  75. Whether you access the internet through a smartphone or tablet
  76. If you use coupons
  77. The type of clothing your household buys
  78. Which time of the year you do the most shopping
  79. Whether you are a ‘heavy’ buyer of beer, wine or spirits
  80. What groceries you buy
  81. Whether you buy beauty products
  82. Whether you buy medications
  83. Whether you buy/spend money on household products
  84. Whether you buy/spend money on products for kids or pets and what kind of pets
  85. If your household makes more purchases than the average household
  86. If you tend to shop online or offline
  87. The type of restaurants you eat at
  88. The kinds of stores you eat at
  89. If you’re interested in adverts offering auto insurance, mortgages or satellite TV
  90. Length of time you as a user have lived in your house
  91. If you are likely to move soon
  92. If you are interested in sport
  93. If you travel frequently
  94. Whether you commute to work
  95. The type of holiday you enjoy
  96. If you have recently returned from a holiday
  97. If you have used a travel app
  98. Whether you are involved in a timeshare

As a Facebook user, you might not have entered any of this information into your Facebook profile, but Facebook knows. Ever wondered how people you’ve met at a party one week ago now suddenly shows up as friend suggestions on your news feed on Facebook?

The moment you log off of Facebook to go to shoe website, Facebook knows and that’s why you see ads on shoes. That’s because Facebook follows everything you do, say and where you go. All to help give you a better Facebook experience.

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